The shipment of the order will follow the certified payment of the price in case of payment on-line or by bank deposit and the product will be delivered for shipment on the next business day of payment. In case of cash on delivery, the product will be delivered for shipment on the next working day of the order.

The shipment will be carried out by the partner courier company. NoBoundaries team ( will forward the customer’s personal information, such as name, shipping address and phone number to the courier company, so that the delivery of his order is possible. The order is delivered to the customer’s premises or anywhere else the customer indicates.

Shipping Costs

Greece4euro+taxesPay on delivery up to 2 kg
Cyprus10euro+taxesup to 2 Kg
North Macedonia11,5+taxes
Austria AT  7euro+taxes
Belgium BE 9,1euro+taxes
Croatia HR 5,9euro+taxes
Czech CZ 5,8euro+taxes
Denmark DK 8,8euro+taxes
Esthonia EE9euro+taxes
Finland 11,5euro+taxes
France FR 9,7euro+taxes
Germany DE 7,1euro+taxes
Hungary HU 5euro+taxes
Ireland IE 8,8euro+taxes
Italy IT 7,5euro+taxes
Letonia LV 7,4euro+taxes
Lithouania LT 6,7euro+taxes
Luxenbourg LU 7,7euro+taxes
Nederland NL 8,9euro+taxes
Poland PL 5,6euro+taxes
Portugal PT 9,7euro+taxes
Slovakia SK 5,5euro+taxes
Slovenia SI 5,6euro+taxes
Spain ES9,3euro+taxes
Sweden SE 9,2euro+taxes
Continents outside Europe
*For Worldwide shipping out of Europe you will receive information about the cost. Once the order setted and depending the destination an email will inform you about the total cost.

Shipping costs include VAT, will be calculated and included with a special mention in the total purchase price.

The deadline for delivery of the products to the place indicated by the customer by the cooperating courier company depends on the distance between the place of dispatch and the place of delivery.

Responsibility for the safe transport as well as for any delay in the delivery of the products lies exclusively with the cooperating courier company.