The strength of the team is each individual member

The strength of each member is the team

Phil Jackson

Kyriakos Chatzistefanou

Kyriakos Catzistefanou's journey in the Insurance Profession commenced in 1992 as a Life Insurance Consultant, a role he continues to excel in to this day. With a steadfast commitment to shaping a brighter future for the insurance community, he has actively sought opportunities to elevate the profession.
Since 1999, Kyriakos has been a member of the esteemed Alico and Metlife Training Academy in Greece, leveraging over 25 years of experience to deliver seminars, lectures, and speeches worldwide for his company and the insurance market. His expertise spans the entire insurance sales cycle, offering comprehensive insights into every stage and aspect.
In 2007, he embarked on a literary endeavor, penning three influential books on the insurance industry. His focus on refining client engagement via Referrals, initial consultations, and portfolio management underscores his dedication to empowering fellow professionals.
Kyriakos over three decades, emphasizes the importance of daily discipline, meaningful client interactions, and holistic personal development. 
Through his unwavering dedication, he strives daily to maintain a delicate equilibrium: serving as a trusted advisor to his clients, a supportive colleague and partner within his company, and a devoted father and husband to his family.