“Our civilization and generations have evolved through the sharing of ideas and the implementation of various practices, and not by those who have kept knowledge for themselves, trapped by the need to favor only their own personal effectiveness.
Knowledge is the only thing that when shared, is multiplied.”

Kyriakos Chatzistefanou

Kyriakos Chatzistefanou’s book is based on his experience, through a 30-year career in the Insurance industry.

The book is written in a motivational, advisory and literary style, but at the same time it is a practical guide in terms of the day-to-day work practices, providing solutions regarding the process of creating Evaluated Referrals to those who find themselves deadlocked in it.

This guide aims to inspire and support young agents who are now forming their own character as insurance agents, but at the same time to stimulate more experienced colleagues with new ideas and practices and to encourage them to share their ideas, thus leaving a valuable legacy to the profession we serve.

"I, therefore, feel obliged, after 30 years of continuous service, to present experiences, opinions, practices, and methods on how a life insurance agent can have a successful career in the industry through the process of creating referrals and more specifically, evaluated referrals, as I have experienced this process over the years. I will present a series of opinions and practices for our colleagues who have been looking for a solution to this for years and who have yet to find a safe course of action."
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"It is addressed to all our colleagues who want to join the insurance industry as professional life insurance consultants. In other words, it is addressed to those who, through their daily activity, represent and express a particular working culture, their own culture, and seek to use communication as a weapon so that their working hours will be more productive. But it is also addressed to colleagues who have been active for years and have not yet found a tested method, a method that is off the beaten track, or still feel “unable” to collect referrals and struggle daily with this issue. I stress this point because I meet colleagues who, despite being in the profession for years, finding referrals has always been a great difficulty for them an obstacle that did not allow them to develop."
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At the same time, this book aims to introduce you to ways of working, if your professional success is your sole purpose, through the right, smart, reliable, consistent and organized steps that will save you time in favor of other parts of your life and will contribute to your self-improvement and productivity as a professional, because “Referrals” are the main ingredient of our development as Life Insurance Consultants.

If the profession of an Insurance Consultant truly thrills you and you want to create your dream career in it, you need to study this book’s content carefully and commit yourself to the idea of becoming a champion in your work, while maintaining a balance across all aspects of your life.


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