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The journey

It was in February of 2017 when we had organized a guided tour of our guest speakers at the Acropolis Sacred Rock as part of the Annual MDRT Workshop at the Natural History Museum in Athens.

I remember well the way a discussion with our tour guide came up, concerning the Greeks' abilities, their culture, and everything that our ancestors created in Ancient Greece.

I was proud to hear the virtues of the Ancient Greeks, however at the same time I was seeing the current situation our country was facing, unfortunately experiencing a great “economic” crisis but mainly a crisis in “values”.


There, at the top of the Sacred Rock, with this endless view behind us, I set an example of a not so pleasant event we usually handle with Philotimo and how this action helps us function and respond under emotional stress.

During the narration of my story, I saw my colleague and friend Vanessa Bucklin, a distinguished producer and motivational speaker, that comes from and works in a small town in Montana, USA, trying to keep herself from bursting into tears as she got so emotionally charged. Something similar happened to us all, that morning!

It was a moment that was etched in my memory forever.

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There again, my Montana colleague, with tearful eyes, turns to me and looks forward to what seemed more like a non-negotiable call for a specific purpose.

“Kyriakos you have to go up there and talk to us about Philotimo”.

“Me? Talk about Philotimo?” I wondered. And before I even gave it a second thought, I felt as if my mind was already planning the next step.

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Philotimo is a Greek word that is without definition but impacts the world beyond imagination.

Philotimo is also something that has to be communicated to you either from your first steps in life or during the later years. You encounter it and it encounters you every day and you live with it throughout your whole life.

That is the purpose of this book. To inspire and remind you of the virtues that you already carry inside you and you march with them in your life's trail, whether you are Greek or not, and through our profession you are so useful to the society.

I will dwell on the 7 virtues and concepts of Philotimo, that were mentioned earlier, the ones that daily help us, the Insurance Agents, in our struggle out there trying to create the ideal conditions for us, our clients and their families, which are none other than the following :

Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, Dignity, Courage, Faith.


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