This book was written by professional Insurance Agents, not Professional Authors. That is why the texts are rendered as they were written, without foreign language interventions or "improvements". The language used is the language of the soul. You will see for yourself, dear readers, that all the contributors to the work done are people with a passion for what they do. That is why they have managed to overcome the multiple obstacles presented to them in their career and to be here today talking to us about their lives.

Dimitrios Kastrinakis

Thankfully in this book we are only going to focus on one proportion of the Agents, the ones called “Professional Insurance Consultants''. Those who daily listen to the client’s, or the possible client’s, real problems and try to figure out future dangers that surround us, but sadly most of us, clients and agents, fail to realize or choose to ignore! These Professional Insurance Consultans try to touch perfection, with no shortcuts, and that is something normal to them! They refuse to negotiate and compromise with the normal ways, the proven ways to sell, search and approach a client and provide for him and his family. They overcome their selves and their limits, at least for a moment each day and that is the recipe to success for them and their clients. “Sin” and also “guilt” is for them every lack, mistake or bad treatment towards their clients, for the purpose they serve and for their goals set.

Kyriakos Chatzistefanou

This book is for you, the Agent who has concerns, who struggles, who holds the book at this exact moment and dreams to be one of the Professional Insurance Consultant.

It is also dedicated to the next generations of Agents that will represent this job. To every single young Agent that will join this profession with hopes and dreams, which in this job can be fulfilled. So for him, to know from the beginning where we should belong and how he could participate or create something, in the future, like this book.

Finally, we read the developments that have been observed in the field in the last 20 years and their proposals for the future. If you want to understand the changes that are happening around you, if you want to see the new form that you need to nurture in the ever-changing and demanding job market and if you have questions and concerns about the profession of Professional Insurance Consultant, we highly recommend this book.


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